We’ve put in a lot of effort to improve the LRBT website. Our main aim was to make it more visible when people search for things online. To achieve this, we took several steps. First, we carefully researched the words people commonly use when searching for information related to the website’s content. We then made sure that the website shows up prominently in search results by adjusting the behind-the-scenes details like meta tags. Additionally, we introduced a blog section with useful information to make the website a go-to resource in its field. These changes not only make the site easier to find but also enhance the overall experience for visitors.
  • Conducted detailed research to find the most relevant words people use when searching online.
  • Optimized the website to appear prominently in search results by adjusting meta tags.
  • Introduced a blog section with valuable information to establish the website as a reliable resource.
  • Made various technical improvements to ensure the website works well and loads quickly on mobile phones.
  • As a result of these efforts, the website’s visibility significantly increased, and there was a notable surge in visitor traffic—between 50 to 60% more people started visiting after our improvements.
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